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How to View Playbacks (Software) [DVR FLEX4/8/16]

[This note applies to all ICR Flex series DVRs]

Note: In the picture, the number represents the step number in the walkthrough.

Step 1:

Login to your DVR system through the client software using your user name and password. Default administrator login is "admin / admin".

Step 2:

Once logged in, click on "DVR Playback" button towards the bottom. Note: The user you logged in to must have permission to view playbacks.

Step 3:

First start by selecting a begin time and end time for your search query. You will then select the channel to which you want to search by or select "All Channel" to search for all the channels at the same time. To narrow the search even more, select the type of recording over to the left hand side.

Step 4:

Once you go over all the information you have input, click on the "Search" button towards the right hand side. You will now find playback entries populate the "Result" table below.

Step 5:

Highlight the playback you want to review in the "Results" table and click on "Play" to watch it. If you want to download your playbacks, highlight the ones you want and click on "Download" towards the top right.

Step 6:

If you seem to be missing playbacks, make sure you click on the "PageDown" button to see more files pertaining to your search.

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