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How to Notes: Controlling a Flex/Max DVRs using the RS-232 Keyboard
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ICRealtime How-to Notes 96089
Controlling a Flex/Max DVRs using RS-232 (Flex Keyboard)

[This note applies to all ICR DVR's, NVR's, Hybrids, and PTZ Cameras]


first, we will discuss the first operations when powering up the keyboard, and also how to log in to the keyboard to begin control.

Figure 2-1

Step 1:

The keyboard will power itself up once connected to the transformer (included). Remove the 12vDC transformer from the packaging. See Figure 2-1.

Figure 2-2

Step 2:

Connect the power source to the back of the keyboard. The display on the keyboard should illuminate, and you should see the following as in Figure 2-2.

Figure 2-1

Step 3:

Enter’ on the keyboard, and it should prompt you to login with a user and password. Use the arrow keys to move down to the password field, and input the password. The default user/pass is “admin/888888”. Press ‘Enter’ to login. See Figure 2-3.

Step 4:

That’s it! At this point, you should be successfully logged in to the keyboard, and ready to assume control.

Step 5:

Start off by assigning each of your DVRs a unique address. You can do this at the DVR by going to the Main Menu Settings General. Change the address (DVR No.) value if you need to (This guide uses 1 as an example), otherwise the default should be 8.

Step 6:

Once you have changed the DVR address, next go into the RS-232 menu (Main Menu Settings RS-232). Change Function' to Net Keyboard and make sure your Baud Rate is set to 9600.

Step 7:

We can now begin programming the keyboard. Power up the keyboard and once it has lit up, press the Enter key. It should ask you to login; the user should already be set on "admin" so input the password 888888 and press enter.

Step 8:

Next, move down to Control Operation', and press Enter.

Step 9:

At the new screen, press the right arrow key to change the ID to 1*.

Step 10:

Move down to Dev Name' and type in 1*.

Step 11:

Next, press down twice to Connect Type', and press Enter.

Step 12:

With Addr' highlighted at the top, type in 1*

Step 13:

Log into DVR, Click SettingPAN/TILT/ZOOM select the Channel your PTZ is connected to (Video), the Protocol, Address, Baud Rate etc. then save.

Step 14:

Now, press Enter, and once you're back at the ID/Dev Name' screen, press Escape.

Step 15:

Save Data? Press Enter to save this ID as a DVR preset.

Step 16:

Once you have your settings saved, we can now control the DVR by calling up the ID we assigned to our connection. On the keyboard, press ID, type 1 and then press Enter.

Step 17:

From here, all of your function keys should be active, and the joystick should navigate you through the menu options of the recorder!

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