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September 3rd - FL offices will be closed due to Hurricane Dorian.
IC Realtime | 2019-09-02

Due to the incoming hurricane, IC Realtime FL offices will be closed Tuesday, September 3rd. 

IC Realtime AZ offices will be opened from 6AM EST until 8:30PM EST on Tuesday.  

Please email info@icrealtime.com for any questions and stay tuned for updates.

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IC Realtime Partners With Innovative Consulting and Marketing
IC Realtime | 2019-09-01

IC Realtime partners with Innovative Consulting and Marketing to cover Arizona and southern Nevada. Innovative Consulting and Marketing Inc. was founded in 1995 to represent manufacturers in the consumer electronics space and has over 100 years of combined experience related to Consumer Electronics, Custom Integration, IT, Security, Lighting and Home Automation. The collaboration within the area will help IC Realtime expand its dealer base, expand in the territory and provide better visibility and access for the right products and support.

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IC Realtime & Savant are making history
IC Realtime | 2019-08-23

IC Realtime, a leading digital surveillance manufacturer, is making some very bold moves for 2019. It is no secret that Savant is a recognized leader in the field of home control and automation, which is why we believe strategically partnering with Savant is a near-perfect alliance. “Over the last decade, we’ve been perfecting integration with Savant”, says Chris Callaway - IC Realtime’s Director of Technology.

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Our ICDDNS server is fully restored.
Technical Department | 2019-07-17

UPDATE:  7/17/2019

ICDDNS services have been restored

Our new ICDDNS.com webserver has been restored and is being hosted on Amazon AWS EC2. All lost customer records have been updated. Affected customers should be able to access their devices without needing to make any configuration changes. If connectivity issues still persist, please follow the instructions HERE to re-register your domain name with our server. 

Our sincerest apologies for the temporary loss of service. We are committed to preventing this from occurring again. Rest assured that there will be preserved snapshots and redundancy of the server in order to prevent extended service loss in the future.

Thank you
-IC Realtime Technical Dept.

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The Security behind Financial Security.
IC Realtime | 2019-06-17

IC Realtime's case study reveals day to day challenges financial institutions face and what it means to address network infrastructure resilience. 

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IC Realtime Partners With Pacific Rim NW Marketing Group
IC Realtime | 2019-06-01

IC Realtime partners with Pacific Rim NW Marketing Group to cover Washington, Oregon, and Northern Idaho. The fast-paced dynamics of the consumer electronics business challenges each and every manufacturer. Creating and maintaining a lasting relationship with dealers, integrators and distributors is of utmost importance. Pacific Rim has a dedicated team with over 25 years of experience helping vendors and local dealers grow.

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IC Realtime Partners With C&E Marketing
IC Realtime | 2019-05-18

IC Realtime partners with C&E Marketing, an industry leading Manufacturers Representative firm to cover Florida. According to C&E “We Specialize in Consumer Electronics Products and cater to the Integration, Retail, Design, Architectural, and Building community.” IC Realtime as a company and a brand continues to evolve. Innovation irreversibly leads our initiatives for 2019, and we’re excited to work with C&E to deliver that message. We chose the rep firm based on their abilities to help with all aspects of the business from design specification to sales and marketing. They have a good reputation with vendors and the customers they serve.

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IC Realtime Partners With Momentum Group
IC Realtime | 2019-05-18

IC Realtime partners with the Momentum Group to service the Rocky Mountain custom integrator market. The Momentum Group is a nationally recognized multimanufacturer representative firm specializing in audio, video, control, lighting, and shades; they are dedicated to both the Residential and Commercial integrator channels. The firm will be covering the following; Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Southern Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the city of El Paso in Texas. Their facility is open to the custom integrator channel for workshops, demos, and workspace when scheduled.

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Breaking Ground In The Cannabis Industry
IC Realtime | 2019-05-17

As 40-acre Cannabis grow operation in rural Arizona, Copperstate Farms needed help modernizing its IT infrastructure to ensure maximum security and comply with state security regulations. Fortunately the leadership team at Copperstate found a nimble, strategic technology partner in Sunstate Technology Group. Sunstate jumped right in, working within tight budget and time constraints. After thoroughly assessing Copperstate’s technology needs, which included state-of-the-art security and access control for the 40-acre facility, the Sunstate team brought in nearly 300 IP cameras and 17 recorders from IC Realtime.

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New 180°-360° Multi-Sensor Camera
IC Realtime | 2019-05-12

IC Realtime, a global leader in the surveillance industry since 2006, is pleased to announce an addition to its series of panoramic products. It’s no secret that there’s a need for wide coverage options ranging from 180-degree to 360-degree angles. IC Realtime debuts their new multi-sensor camera which will address affordability, quality, and situational coverage - all in a tidy package. The flexibility to capture wide area footage is immense - and with 4 adjustable 2MP lenses, the camera replaces multiple single sensor cameras. It is also noteworthy that the unit requires only one cable run, giving installers greater flexibility in terms of wiring.

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