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Color Night Vision Security Camera

Full Color Night Vision Security Cameras

Night Color Powerzoom & Active Deterrence

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24/7 Full Night Color Security Camera Line Up

Our high-resolution night color cameras stream full-color in complete darkness with full-spectrum smart LED illuminators.

Why Full-Color Security Cameras?

Full-color security allows you to capture color images and footage that are key to digital forensics, perp identification, or accurate digital records.

No Limitations

Single IR light frequency night vision can only render black & white video

24/7 Color

Full spectrum LEDs ensure color image even in “moonless night” darkness

Sharper Details

Color images render better edge & detail information & detection

Color Identification

Capturing clothing & vehicle color enables more accurate identifications.

New! 24/7 Full-Color
With Active Deterrence

AI Human Detection accurately detects intruders and Active Deterrence (AD) challenges them.

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Benefits of Active Deterrence

Move beyond being a silent witness and engage intruders with light and sound while sending alerts.

Deliver full-color video even in dim ambient or non-existent light.
Triggering AD can persuade intruders to look at the camera & capture an HD photo of their face.
Use pre-recorded messages, your custom audio, or even a siren to challenge the intruder.
Voice, Siren, and Lights can be customized from silent to full scream.

See The 24/7 Starlight Color Difference

Standard Security Cameras

24/7 Full-Color Cameras

Full-Color with Intelligent Motion Detection

Our Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD) system has been the industry’s best for more than a decade. Adding Ai makes it up to 90% more accurate.

Pre-programmed with thousands of hours of human training to recognize the difference between human intruders or the local alley cat.
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24/7 Full-Color
with AI + Active Deterrence

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