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DASH - Singer Features & Benefits
Adrian Pop | 2020-06-10
We reinvented smart home security with the Singer, the best wireless doorbell.
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DASH - Flooder Features & Benefits
Adrian Pop | 2020-06-02
Most video doorbell cameras will offer a typical field of view of 120 to 140 degrees. These popular devices enable us to echo our presence at home from virtually anywhere by allowing for 2 way communication from any smartphone. 
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DASH - Dinger Features & Benefits
Adrian Pop | 2020-05-19
IC Realtime dealers better serve their customers and solve the problems that our competitors have ignored. The Dinger doorbell camera gives you three options to record. Choose one, two, or all three.
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TAA Announcement
Adrian Pop | 2020-05-15
IC Realtime has been a leader and innovator in video surveillance since 2006. We provide solutions and will be here when you need us.
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Supplementing your alarm system with Dash products
Adrian Pop | 2020-05-12
Many consumers today express security mindfulness, but did you know that over 75% of trespassing is initiated from the front of your home? In the mind of a typical crook, uncovering homes containing valuables whereby it's occupants are away is a hallmark moment, until now.
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Stay Connected To What Matters.
Adrian Pop | 2020-05-05
The long-anticipated release of IC Realtime's Dash Family of Products is over with a new WiFi video doorbell and a WiFi video floodlight. Offer smarter, safer...
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Integrator Alert! Video Surveillance Equals New Revenue Possibilities
Adrian Pop | 2020-04-28
Integrators harness a wealth of knowledge. Why not add to that offering and knowledge base with an essential product, video surveillance.
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Shifting Production to South Korea
Matt Sailor | 2020-04-10
IC Realtime Shifts Production to South Korea Creating a TAA compliant line of equipment
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We're open for business
IC Realtime | 2020-03-23
As an essential business, we are cautiously continuing services during COVID-19.
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C4 Certified SDDP Drivers Make Smart Home Setup & Install Easy
Adrian Pop | 2019-11-11
IC Realtime cameras are now plug-and-play with Control4. In terms of the integration itself, integrators and dealers are now able to use Control4ʼs SDDP to identify and...
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