Upcoming Webinars

  • Pre-install Planning | Join
    11.2.2018 Friday at 11:00 AM EST

  • Cyber Security | Join
    11.7.2018 Wednesday at 11:00 AM EST

  • Introducing ella | Join
    11.9.2018 Friday at 11:00 AM EST

  • Networking and Connectivity | Join
    11.14.2018 Wednesday at 11:00 AM EST

  • IVS and Analytics | Join
    11.16.2018 Friday at 11:00 AM EST

  • ICRSS Pro and Mobile Apps | Join
    11.21.2018 Wednesday at 11:00 AM EST

  • NEW: SmartICRSS 2.x | Join
    11.23.2018 Friday at 11:00 AM EST

  • Cameras to Know | Join
    11.28.2018 Wednesday at 11:00 AM EST

  • Pre-install Planning | Join
    11.30.2018 Friday at 11:00 AM EST

Upcoming Events

Webinar Descriptions

Pre-install Planning

Installers know, preparedness is key to doing the job right the first time. There are a myriad of tools at your disposal, have the right one for the job! Whether you installing IP Cameras and a NVR, or an intercom system, having a plan and the necessary equipment available will minimize problems. In this webinar we’ll discuss what you will need for a successful install and why you’ll need it, including laptops, monitors, and contacting tech support.

Cyber Security

In this new connected world, we live in, cyber security is a necessity. As we add more and more connected IOT devices to our networks, securing these devices has become paramount. Network connected security systems require almost as much network security as a PC. There are many ways to secure your security system both physically and digitally. In this webinar, we will discuss these solutions to ensure a secure and protected system.

Introducing ella

Most video monitoring systems require you to sift through hours of video to find the events that matter. ella lets you zero-in on events in seconds. Using the most advanced machine learning algorithms, ella is able to identify the most important events that were recorded. Come join this webinar to see ella in action, learn how to take advantage of the ella's capabilities and see how easy it is from setup to viewing.

Networking and Connectivity

LAN versus WAN? What is a DDNS? P2P? Join this Webinar to demystify all of these networking acronyms and technologies. A strong foundation in Networking is vital for the successful installation and administration of IP CCTV equipment. Join this webinar to learn the best practices for network equipment installation, distance and wiring limitations, as well as how to ensure your CCTV network is rock solid. Topics include local access, remote access, and a basic overview of network.

IVS and Analytics

The age of the smart camera is here. All of the new ICRealtime IP cameras are coming standard with IVS (Intelligent Video System) capabilities. Do you know how to take advantage of these? Join this webinar to learn how to configure IVS rules, the best usage for the different types, as well as how to add intelligence to your entire surveillance system. Topics include Abandoned/Missing Object, Perimeter, Heat Mapping, Auto Tracking and more.

ICRSS Pro and Mobile Apps

The all important Apps from IC Realtime. Did you know that the most common software interface for a video surveillance system is now from a mobile platform, and no longer a desktop computer? Join this webinar to learn how to operate the different mobile Apps from ICRealtime, the differences between the versions, as well as installation and configuration. Topics include ICRSS Pro, ICView, Clearview Direct and IClearview.

Smart ICRSS 2.0

CMS - Central Management System. The SmartICRSS is the CMS designed to control and access the entire product lineup from ICRealtime. With multiple monitor support, LiveView and Playback capabilities, the SmartICRSS is a robust software platform that can successfully operate and manage your entire network of surveillance products. Join this webinar to learn how to install the software, add a device with multiple network methods, and access live and recorded videos. Topics include installation, configuration, common software issues, playback and backup, and device configuration.

Cameras to Know

What's new in the ICRealtime product lineup. Learn about our new product releases and software updates. Topics include IP Cameras, Video Management Systems, and Video Recorder platforms.