Desktop Viewing Apps

When an IC Realtime product is purchased, these are the applications that are vital for the Enduser to utilize the system. Here you will see several iterations of the core 'CMS' (Central Monitoring Software) software during it's various stages of evolution.

Name Windows Apple
SmartICRSS v2 Remote Client Software
101 MB 8.8.2018
94 MB 12.17.2018
SmartICRSS v1 Remote Client Software
80.5 MB 7.3.2017
76.4 MB 2.23.2017
SmartICRSS with IC720 VR Support
113 MB 6.8.2017
IC720 Desktop App for Windows (x86) 32 bit
76.1 MB 12.9.2016
IC720 Desktop App for Windows (x64) 64 bit
90.5 MB 12.9.2016
Legacy: PSS Remote Client Software
49.4 MB 12.19.2015

Desktop Utility Apps

Software designed to aid deployment or installation of IC Realtime hardware. These include softwares which will discover IP devices, configure parameters, and necessary packaged required for normal user operation of certain hardware devices.

Name Windows Apple
Smart ICRSS Player for .Dav Files
12.48 MB 7.14.2016
10.93 MB 7.23.2016
ICIP | DVR | NVR Finder Utility
27.05 MB 4.8.2019
19.07 MB 3.29.2016
ELIP Camera Finder Utility
796.00 KB 12.19.2015
Web plug-in collection for OSX
7.95 MB 1.11.2017
HDD Storage Calculator
14 MB 10.18.2018

Mobile Apps

Access and control DVRs, NVRs and IP Cameras directly from your iOS or Android device. Watch and listen to your live surveillance video streams - fast and simple.

Name Android iOS
IC Realtime ICRSS Pro Mobile Application
96.5 MB 11.25.2015
96.5 MB 9.30.2016
IC Realtime ICView Mobile Application
98 MB 11.25.2015
99.6 MB 10.11.2016
IC Realtime IC720 Mobile Application
110 MB 12.23.2016
110 MB 12.19.2016